Art Attacks now on video

The Technology TrapWere you too late to register for this SOLD OUT event on February 8?  Stuck in the snow?  Or perhaps just wearing shoes too cool to risk in a blizzard? 

Now you can watch the video!  This is a beta test for us, and we hope to improve the resolution of the slides in the future — if we repeat the experiment.  Which is where you come in. 

We’ve made the video available free of charge this time to see what you think.  Are you interested in our continuing to record events (with panelists’ agreement)? If you are an attorney, would you be interested in receiving CLE credit via video?  If so, please let us know below.  On the one hand, joining us in person means networking opportunities — we know of at least 3 deals developed during this event — the ability to participate and ask questions, and of course champagne.  On the other hand, we know that while you’d love to earn a Fashion Law Institute perfect attendance star, sometimes life interferes.

We’d also love to hear your thoughts about the video itself

(Please note that we cannot offer CLE credit for viewing the event video — this time.  But it’s all about a love of fashion law knowledge anyway, right?)