Media Mentions

2024 (selected) 

Stripes, Oh My!: Evaluating the Legacy of Star Athletica 7 Years Down the Line Copyright Society, April 30, 2024


The Dream of ‘an American LVMH’ Dims With FTC Challenge to Tapestry and Capri Merger
WWD, April 29, 2024


In Michael Kors, Coach merger challenge, FTC’s case is not in the bag
Reuters, April 25, 2024


Chanel’s Latest Legal Battleground: Upcycling
Business of Fashion, April 19, 2024


When not landing a Birkin bag lands luxury brand Hermès a lawsuit: Here’s a closer look at the case
ABC News, April 6, 2024


China’s Gen Z workers are going ‘gross
Fortune, March 30, 2024


Who Gets to Buy a Birkin Bag? 
Business of Fashion, March 26, 2024


Has fashion canceled canceling?
New York Times, March 25, 2024


Consumers sue Hermès over barriers to buying Birkin bags
CBS News, March 23, 2024


‘Hermès has it in the bag’: Legal experts weigh Birkin lawsuit
The Washington Post, March 21, 2024


Here’s What You Get Wrong When You Culturally Appropriate Asian Fashion
Huffington Post, March 14, 2024


Nike’s Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Bape Is Moving Forward

WWD, March 6, 2024


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Faces New Allegations of Sexual Assault
WWD, February 27, 2024


Trump sneakers and those red soles
Bloomberg Law, February 29, 2024


The NFL’s (Belated) Legal Fit Check
Spy, February 14, 2024


Chanel wins trademark infringement case against What Goes Around Comes Around
Fashionista, February 7, 2024


Chanel Wins Trademark Case Against What Goes Around Comes Around
Business of Fashion, February 7, 2024


Face, detected: Is artificial intelligence (AI) a threat to fashion models?
Grazia, February 5, 2024


Chanel is taking What Goes Around Comes Around to court: Here’s what to know
Vogue Business, January 8, 2024


From Mickey to Bambi, why are all the new public domain characters showing up in horror?
Fast Company, January 5, 2024


2023 (selected) 

Shein accused of “mafia-style intimidation” in new lawsuit from Temu

CBS News, December 19, 2023


Shein IPO sends chill through sustainable fashion

Vogue Business, December 1, 2023


It Was the Year of Barbie Pink, But Whose Color Is It Anyway?

Vanity Fair, November 27, 2023


Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman hosts Fashion Law Institute Pop-Up Clinic

Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, November 20, 2023


Model says her face was edited with AI to look white: ‘It’s very dehumanizing’

The Guardian, November 4, 2023


Spot the ‘superfake’: Fashion brands want you to be able to identify counterfeits

CNN, October 13, 2023


How Shein Wound Up in the Luxury Fashion Business

Business of Fashion, September 28, 2023


How Hollywood Stylists Can – and Just Might – Unionise

Business of Fashion, September 1, 2023


The Dangerous Marketing of the Trump Mug Shot

The New York Times, August 29, 2023


Are There Any Rules About Going Braless?

The New York Times, August 29, 2023


The Power of Consumers on Social Media: A Case Study of Balenciaga’s Crisis Communication

Springer, August 9, 2023


Where fashion is leading on US environmental policy – and where it’s falling behind Vogue Business, July 27, 2023


What if Fashion Went on Strike?

BOF, July 21, 2023 Shein Got Hit with a RICO Lawsuit. How Is That Possible?

Complex, July 18, 2023


Shein lawsuit accuses fashion-fashion site of RICO violations

CBS News, July 17, 2023


Shein’s Winding Path to an IPO

Business of Fashion, July 7, 2023


Fashion School Leaders Express Concern Over Supreme Court Affirmative Action Decision

WWD, June 29, 2023


What Happens When Designers Team Up With Shein

Business of Fashion, June 8, 2023


Why Gen-Z Loves Dupes

Business of Fashion, April 24, 2023


Supreme Court Puts Hold on Transgender Sports Ban

Bloomberg Law, April 13, 2023


Virtual try-on is being hit by class actions. Should brands worry?

Vogue Business, March 7, 2023


Why your employer can dress code you for being part of the no bra club

The U.S. Sun, February 24, 2023


The MetaBirkins Creator Isn’t Done Fighting Yet

Business of Fashion, February 22, 2023


What the Hermes MetaBirkins Victory Means for the NFT Market

Surface, February 9, 2023


Making Sense of the Hermes v. Rothschild Metabirkins Verdict

Fashionista, February 9, 2023


Hermes Won its Lawsuit Against Mason Rothschild. What Happens Now?

Retail Brew, February 9, 2023


Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner Go Wild at Paris Fashion Week

The Daily Beat, January 23, 2023


Designer Thom Browne bests Adidas in court battle of stripes

AP News, January 12, 2023


What are the Potential Outcomes of the Adidas vs. Thom Browne Lawsuit?

Fashion Network, January 11, 2023