Media Mentions – Daily Business Review 3-25-11

Do you have the look?
Daily Business Review, March 25, 2011

For most lawyers, the uniform is still the conservative suit (though women can get away with a dress and jacket). Image consultant Diana Jennings says it’s a uniform that conveys the “message of authority, precision, and stability that lawyers need to communicate.”

But Jennings warns that dressing conservatively doesn’t mean being outdated: “If you’re not current in your presentation, the perception is that you are not current in thinking.” She advises getting a stylish haircut and wearing current styles, “or you’ll be seen as stodgy or staid.”

Think of that uniform as a canvas for personal expression, says Susan Scafidi, the director of The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School. “Everyone can pick out signature accessories,” she says, but adds, “Figural jewelry should be tasteful. Unless you represent major gambling interests, skip the cuff links shaped like dice or dollar signs.”