Media Mentions 2022

2022 (selected) 

Are Ye-less Yeezy Photos Real or Fake?

Sourcing Journal, December 20, 2022


Why a Supreme Court case over dog toys and Jack Daniel’s has brands paying attention

Fast Company, December 2, 2022


How Will Balenciaga Survive Its Moral Panic Pile-On?

The Daily Beast, November 29, 2022


Balenciaga Is Suing the Set Designer and Production of "Kiddie Porn" Campaign for $25 Million

Diet Prada, November 28, 2022


New York’s Fashion Act Gets a Makeover—Is It Enough?

Vogue, November 17, 2022


Fashion Giant Shein Sued for Stealing Weed Brand Cookies’ Sweatshirt Design

The Daily Beast, November 12, 2022


5 Recession-Fighting Marketing Strategies

US Chamber of Commerce November 9, 2022


New Yorkers head to pawnshops for cash to help pay bills

Fox 5 News, November 7, 2022


Can we trust sustainability in fast fashion?

NSS Magazine, October 27, 2022


The Curious Case of the Alexander McQueen Graffiti Skirt

NY Times, October 26, 2022


Ye Doesn't Own His Sneaker Designs. So What Happens Next?

Complex, October 25, 2022


I Was That Offensive Girl On Halloween — Here’s How I Learnt My Lesson

Refinery 29, October 17, 2022


Great British Baking Show Hosts Slammed Over Mexican Week: It's a Shame

Newsweek, October 6, 2022


As counterfeits rise, sneaker authenticators sniff out real from fake

Washington Post, September 30, 2022


Kanye West and Gap Terminate Partnership

WWD, September 15, 2022


An Unprecedented Uptick in Book Bans Brings First Amendment Scrutiny

First Amendment Watch at New York University, September 14, 2022


“Fashion Police” An Arresting Symposium at Fashion Law Institute

Look Online, September 9, 2022


Walmart Sneaker Theft, $225,000 Insider Heist Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Sourcing Journal, September 9, 2022


Virginia Beach court dismisses delegate's lawsuit against 2 books said to be 'obscene'

13 News Now, August 30, 2022


Judge tosses suit that tried to deem books obscene for kids

ABC News, August 30, 2022


Virginia Won’t Ban Books for Obscenity—for Now

Slate, August 30, 2022


Vogue Business at NYFW: Conversations on the future of fashion

Vogue, August 30, 2022


Journey of Formal Fashion

Fashion Law Journal, August 13, 2022


Nike, Adidas Sneaker Hole Case Makes Third Federal Circuit Trip

Bloomberg Law, August 1, 2022


Will Yeezy Save Gap?

Complex, July 26, 2022


After a major IP win for Manolo Blahnik in China, should more luxury brands take action?

Vogue Business, July 21, 2022


China’s Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Faces Dozens of Lawsuits Alleging Design Theft

The Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2022


StockX vs. Nike: Case Piques NFTs, Copyright Concerns

WWD, June 7, 2022


Luxury stores still limiting crowds post-COVID — and won’t admit why

NY Post, May 29, 2022


Social media reacts to $1,850 raggedy Balenciaga sneaker, calls out 'cosplaying (as) poor'

USA Today, May 12, 2022


Visionary lb Kamara Becomes Artistic Head of Off-White™️

Anne of Carversville, May 3, 2022


Guccighost’s Street Art Broke The Mould On Fashion IP. Now He’s Turning It Into An NFT

Verve, May 3, 2022


Fashion brands are becoming entertainment companies

Vogue, April 8, 2022


Textile Design Copyrights Remain Tricky After High Court Ruling

Bloomberg Law, February 28, 2022


Victory for Unicolors as SCOTUS Rules Innocent Mistakes of Law Can’t Invalidate Copyright Registration

IP Watch Dog, February 24, 2022


February NFT Litigation Roundup: Art Wars, Hermes "MetaBirkins", and more…

Lexology, February 23, 2022


Vogue Business to host a first-of-its-kind immersive metaverse event

Vogue, February 17, 2022


An Hermès Lawsuit Might Push the Value of MetaBirkins NFTs Even Higher

Surface, February 2, 2022


How to trademark the metaverse

Vogue Business, January 11, 2022


Stop Glorifying Fashion Piracy: It is Time to Enact the Innovative Design Protection Act

Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property, January 5, 2022