4th annual Fashion Law Institute symposium
Friday, April 4, 2014


Interested in keeping up with new developments at the cutting edge of the law and business of fashion? Join the Fashion Law Institute for the highlight of the fashion law calendar, our 4th annual symposium, “The Spectrum of Style,” an all-day event on Friday, April 4, at Fordham Law School.

9:30am Fiat Lux(e)!

9:45-10:45am Green Light: Seeking Sustainable Style

Architecture has non-governmental LEED certification. Agricultural products – including organic fabrics – have federal regulations issued by the USDA. When it comes to sustainable style, what is the best way for everyone to get on the same wavelength? How do the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides compare to the regulation of advertising in other countries in the area of eco-chic? And what can we learn from sustainable fashion design pioneers and the rising generation of designers committed to sustainability, especially as new technology expands the spectrum of green design?

11am-12pm Jewel Tones: From Conflict Minerals to Multi-Destination Orders, Compliance is Key

Girls everywhere have unfriended conflict diamonds, but what about conflict minerals? The SEC’s new reporting requirements for gold and other metals, including some used in the computer chips that are integral to fashion’s recent focus on wearable technology, are only the most recent regulation facing the fashion industry. In a global marketplace, compliance requirements from labeling to reporting are more complex and far-reaching than ever. What does it take, legally speaking, to move materials from source to studio and ultimately to consumers’ hands?

12-1:30pm Light Lunch

1:30-2:30pm Whitewash: Fashion and Diversity, On and Off the Runway

Fashion’s favorite color is black, but critics note that its demographics have been largely white. Recently, this lack of diversity has generated significant attention within the fashion industry, particularly when it comes to runway models – and similar issues exist behind the seams. Are new internal norms leading the industry to embrace the full spectrum of style? And will law play a role in changing the face of fashion?

2:45-3:45pm Red Flag: Are You a Victim of Unauthorized Name Registration in China?

International brand recognition is an exciting development for designers and fashion houses – until it results in unauthorized name registration. Trademark trolls and cybersquatters are of particular concern with respect to China, a large and growing market in which this form of exploitation runs rampant and even established brands have faced legal obstacles. How are individual companies, attorneys, and government representatives addressing this problem? Will the new Chinese trademark law help? And what is the best response to an ostensibly concerned email about the status of your trademark or an aggressive offer to sell your own name back to you?

4-5:15pm Silver Screen: Licensing Links Film & Fashion

From original Tiffany designs in Warner Brothers’ The Great Gatsby to the new HBO Game of Thrones jewelry line, the fashion and film industries are breaking new ground with authorized retail tie-ins and product placements. But what does it take to make sure that these deals are creatively, commercially, and legally sound? Designers, executives, and attorneys on all sides must take on issues of strategic licensing and brand management in order to ensure that the collaborations are seamless.

5:30-6:30pm Rainbow’s End: Keynote Address and Reception with Sigrid Olsen

Speakers include Stacey Abiraj, HBO; Ewa Abrams, Tiffany; Susan Anthony, USPTO; Kathryne Badura, INTA; Musette Buckley, Warner Brothers; Angela Byun, Condé Nast; Brent Cleaveland, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Trade Association; Farzad Damania, Schulte Roth & Zabel; Rachel Dooley, Gemma Redux; Cecilia Gardner, Jewelers Vigilance Committee; Robin Givhan, Pulitzer prize-winning fashion journalist; Amy Hall, Eileen Fisher; Bethann Hardison, fashion activist and documentarian; Debera Johnson, Pratt Institute; Laura Koss, Federal Trade Commission; Rachel Kronman, Frankfurt Kurnit; Michelle Mancino Marsh, Kenyon & Kenyon; Claudine Meredith-Goujon, Paul Weiss; Eden Miller, Cabiria Style; Cyrus Mehri, Mehri & Skalet; Don Obert, Cowan Liebowitz & Latman; Sigrid Olsen, fashion designer; Barbara Pozzo, University of Milan; Tracy Reese, fashion designer; Monica Richman, Dentons; Rosena Sammi, Rosena Sammi Jewelry; Susan Scafidi, Fashion Law Institute at Fordham; Sandra Smokler, Warner Brothers; Jeff Trexler, Esq.; Kenya Wiley, MPAA.