Designing Diversity

Diversity ribbon with a gradient of skin tones

Diversity ribbon with a gradient of skin tones

Fashion appears to be on a path to greater racial diversity, from the runway to the boardroom.  How can the industry continue this progress, however, if the U.S. Supreme Court invalidates affirmative action, a key civil rights tool for over 50 years?  While the current cases arose in the educational context, with challenges to admissions policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard – and by extension, parallel policies at the  majority of institutions of higher education across the country, including design schools – the potential impact is even broader.  Could a pledge to stock more products from an underrepresented group, a hiring strategy intended to achieve racial or other forms of diversity, or a program of targeted support for minority designers soon be considered unconstitutional?  Please join the Fashion Law Institute online for “Designing Diversity after Affirmative Action,” an advance discussion of legal and ethical strategies for promoting the full spectrum of style in light of the Court’s pending decision.

DATE:  Thursday, November 10, 2022
TIME:  6:00-7:15 pm
NYS CLE: 1.5 hours Ethics and Professionalism, transitional and non-transitional

Peter D. Arnold, Fashion Scholarship Fund
Ifeoma Ike, Pink Cornrows
Colette Stanford, SPARC Group
Kenya Wiley, Georgetown University

Jeff Trexler, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund /
Professor of Fashion Ethics at Fordham Law

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