Comics, Costumes, and Cultural Appropriation

Graphic with three diamond-shaped superhero shields, each respectively with Native American sun design, Tao image, and Africa with green-yellow-red stripes

Join us at Comic-Con in San Diego for a panel with Douriean Fletcher, the specialty jewelry designer for Black Panther, and Joseph P. Illidge, Executive Editor at Valiant!

Theme: Comics, Culture, and Cultural Appropriation
Time: Thursday, July 19, from 12-1pm.
Place: Room 26AB, Convention Center

Modern comics, animation, and related media exhibit an unprecedented degree of diverse representation, but they also raise compelling questions about culture and inspiration:

  • How are today’s cutting-edge designers making global culture a vital part of their work?
  • Must creators color within the lines of their own heritage?
  • Is wearing a Black Panther costume problematic for anyone not of African descent?
  • Does using folklore or cultural imagery require asking permission from source communities-or even paying them royalties?

From creative expression to cosplay and commerce, this panel will discuss the styles, history, theory, and ethics of comics and cultural exchange!