Inside Look at In-House 4 tweet with a photo of the panelists at Inside-Out 4: Fashion's In-House Counsel on What Keeps Them Awake at Night

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Fashion Week is always a good time to check in with Professor Susan Scalfidi Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University. On Friday morning I did just that with “Inside Out 4,” a breakfast panel featuring seven seemingly bright-eyed lawyers discussing the invigorating question: “What Keeps Fashion’s In-House Counsel Awake at Night?” Undoubtedly these individuals often forgo their beauty rest due to a number of worries. Some examples of these include new and ever-changing technology (cybersecurity, A.I. for instance); complying with advertising regulations; securing customer privacy and big data; and the levying of international tariffs.

Others mentioned additional obstacles to getting some “shut-eye:” YouTubers posing as content creators, often in direct conflict with digital or print media; constantly trying to avoid missteps involving cultural appropriation; “inspiration” vs. copying issues; violations of copyrights on fashion and art; liability issues from loan agreements regarding fragile works of art or fashion; and class action wage lawsuits involving things as simple as employee bag searches which occur before time clocks are punched. Whew! I’m exhausted just listing these items.