Vanity Fair covers Dolce & Gabbana v. Diet Prada

Vanity Fair article, The Trials of Diet Prada

An in-depth look at this landmark defamation lawsuit and the Fashion Law Institute’s pro bono defense:

With litigation pending for more than two years in Italy’s COVID-delayed legal system, Liu and Schuyler have lived “under this Dolce & Gabbana-designed sword of Damocles,” according to Fordham University law professor and Fashion Law Institute director Susan Scafidi, who represents the pair pro bono. It’s the kind of David and Goliath legal battle that usually stirs sympathy: The wealthy owners of a famously decadent billion-dollar company are suing two self-employed bloggers for more money than a court ordered Samsung to pay Apple, in 2018, for copying the iPhone….

I know not everybody likes them,” said lawyer Marco Amorese, the Bergamo-based lawyer who leads the Italian half of Diet Prada’s legal team. But when Scafidi told him about the case, he realized that the issues tapped into a subject of heated debate in Italy and across Europe: strategic lawsuits against public participation, known as SLAPPs. Or as Scafidi said of the lawsuit: “The goal, above all, is to silence them.”