Many friends of the Fashion Law Institute know the story of how the first U.S. law school course in fashion law was created, officially defining a new field of law. It took a law school administration that would risk adding this newly imagined course to its curriculum — and a place where students who’d read the original blog on law and fashion design championed the course, faculty members supported it (as one said, “We have sports law. In fact, we have two sections of sports law. Why can’t we have fashion law?!”), and, to seal the deal, the then-dean’s spouse had spent years working at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Today, that original signature course has grown to half a dozen fashion law-related courses. Each is the first of its kind, taught by experts in the field. These Fashion Law Institute courses are offered as part of the Fordham Law curriculum and are open to both J.D. and LL.M. students.

In response to inquiries from attorneys, fashion industry professionals, and students from other law schools and design schools who wanted to study fashion law, the Fashion Law Institute also developed a unique Summer Intensive program, a.k.a. Fashion Law Bootcamp  — once again breaking new ground.