Interested in learning more about Fashion Law? Professor Scafidi discusses Fashion Law Bootcamp and our advanced Fashion Law degrees in this LLM Guide interview, Five Questions on Fashion Law. Here’s question #1:

Can you tell me a bit about the factors that went into the decision to launch the Fashion Law LL.M. and institute?

When I first defined fashion law as a field and then launched the Fashion Law Institute, our aim was to establish fashion law as a mainstream academic discipline alongside banking law, sports law, securities law, and other existing fields. I heard a lot of laughter at first, but our goal was achieved faster than I’d dreamed. A handful of schools around the world now offer courses in fashion law, and there are fashion law sections in bar associations and many fashion law practice groups in law firms.

The Fashion Law LL.M. grew out of our efforts to make our curriculum available to lawyers around the world who didn’t go to Fordham for a J.D. Our initial response to the flood of requests was Fashion Law Bootcamp, our summer intensive courses in which attendees can either take the entirety of my Fashion Law course, or engage in in-depth study of a single issue, like fashion and technology. The Bootcamp is still going strong, and it’s a good way for those thinking about an LL.M. to start building their credentials in the field.