As you know, upon completion of Fashion Law Bootcamp, you will receive a certificate from the Fashion Law Institute and can list the program on your resume to demonstrate your experience in this newly emerging field. In order to receive academic credit as well, you will need the approval of your home institution. Fashion Law Bootcamp offers 28 hours (calculated as 50-minute academic hours, a total of 1400 minutes) of classroom instruction time and covers the same topics and material that Professor Scafidi regularly teaches in the original 2-credit Fashion Law course. The program also offers a number of outside opportunities and speakers that take advantage of our relationships within the fashion industry, as well as opening and closing events. To further facilitate the granting of academic credit by your home institution, you will have the opportunity to complete a take-home exam after the end of the program and will receive a grade report in the form of a signed letter from the Institute rather than a law school transcript, since this program is separate from the law school curriculum. If it is important for you to receive academic credit, please confirm in advance with your home institution. We will be happy to assist with any additional questions.